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Albany is considering massive cuts to the state's healthcare system.

Millions of the most vulnerable New Yorkers, including seniors, children, mothers, and people with disabilities depend on Medicaid for vital healthcare services. Cutting Medicaid would shut down critically important emergency care, rural hospitals, and nursing homes.

The health of New York families is at stake. Albany should not deprive us of healthcare in order to fix their budget.

Make your voice heard. Tell Albany: Keep the Medicaid Promise!

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A Lifeline for Six Million New Yorkers

New York’s Medicaid program provides critical health insurance to low-income children and adults, seniors, and people with disabilities, so that they and their families can get the healthcare they need to get healthy and stay healthy. It allows them to see a doctor when they are sick, get check-ups, buy medications, and go to the hospital.

Medicaid coverage is the difference between life and death for some of the most vulnerable in our communities and there are millions more who benefit indirectly from this essential program. No New Yorker should have to choose between paying for healthcare and paying for rent or groceries.

There have been press reports that officials in Albany are considering massive cuts to this vital lifeline for millions of New Yorkers. Cutting New York’s healthcare would shut down critically important emergency care, rural hospitals, and nursing homes.

New York’s Medicaid program has been critical to providing New Yorkers with affordable, accessible, high-quality healthcare:

  • Medicaid has enabled 1.7 million New Yorkers to get health coverage. Medicaid covers 40 per cent of all children. And today a record 95 per cent of all New Yorkers are now covered by health insurance.
  • Medicaid providers, such as safety net hospitals and nursing homes, have been incredibly effective in keeping costs down and working under an agreed-upon cap on costs for over ten years.
  • Caregivers in the Medicaid system are finally receiving a living wage thanks to New York’s new minimum wage law.

 Who is driving up costs?

  • Hugely profitable insurance and pharmaceutical companies are major contributors to rising Medicaid costs.

What is the solution?

New York State should keep the Medicaid Promise and remain faithful to the moral commitment that all New Yorkers should have access to quality, affordable healthcare coverage.

Political leaders, healthcare leaders, and healthcare workers should work to provide the most effective and efficient healthcare delivery system for Medicaid recipients.

Insurance companies and drug companies should be stopped from making it harder to achieve the goal of high-quality, affordable healthcare.